Frequently Asked Questions

Showcase Dates + Cost

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What is a Hockey Canada Sport School

A HCSS is a program begun by Hockey Canada to allow student-athletes to combine their academics with elite athletics.  PHA is a HCSS, which means our program and education requirements are mandated by Hockey Canada. HCSS allows us to incorporate our hockey, both on ice and off ice into the academic schedule. Giving the student-athlete a 75 minute on ice and a 75 minute off ice hockey class each day, during the high school class schedule. This leaves our evenings open for academics, friends, family and overall student life. We focus on skill development and academics during the week so that we can play in showcase tournaments on the weekend.


Our student-athletes will stay in the high school dorms at Caronport High School. The dorms have two single beds to a room, a large built in double work station for homework and shared bathrooms. Each dorm has Resident Directors and Resident Assistants on each floor.

Student-athletes can live at home or with a billet if preferred


The schedule can be found on our website for further info. However, each team will practice for 75 minutes during a class period of each school day and have a 75 minute off-ice hockey class as well. The hockey class will vary from strength & conditioning, leadership, mental training, nutrition, tactics, etc. Every evening we have study hall from 7:30 – 8:30pm, ensuring that our student-athletes keep their academics a priority.


In the 2018/19 season we will be running two teams competing in the CSSHL

  • i. Midget Varsity – Birth years 2001 - 2003
  • ii. Elite 15's – Birth year 2003


Prairie Hockey Academy competes in the CSSHL which is known to be "A National Leader in Education Based Hockey" and has programs from Winnipeg, MB to Victoria, BC.

Who Will You Play Against

See for the full team list and schedule

How Many Players On A Roster

We will dress up to 19 players for a game

Scholarships and Bursaries

We are developing a scholarship fund. We have a few fundraising events starting this summer with our first golf tournaments. As funds make themselves available, athletes will have the opportunity to apply for assistance or be offered scholarships

Payment Plans

The school offers payment plans for the education and the dorm portion of the fees. You can pay it in one payment, two or up to as many as eight payments

Payment of Hockey Fees

Hockey fees will be payable over three payments. Once a student-athlete commits to the program, we ask for a deposit and then offer a payment plan from there.