Using the power of hockey to develop

Life Champions



Prairie Hockey Academy

Hockey is life-changing. Anyone who has ever tied on a pair of skates and committed wholeheartedly to take it on knows this. Often though, a life can be changed for better or for worse.

Unfortunately for many young men, the 'better or worse' outcome feels like a coin flip, determined by the quality and character of the coaching, leadership, and mentoring they receive. Heads - a positive experience. Tails - a damaging one.

At Prairie Hockey Academy, creating a positive, life-changing transformation for young men through a commitment to hockey is not a coin flip. It is not left to chance. It is our purpose, passion, and mission. It is the reason we were founded.

The thrill and challenge of entering the arena and testing yourself through competition is a natural, empowering force. It is a force required to forge the next generation of strong leaders in our world, our country, our communities, and our homes.

Begun on the ice, this unforgettable journey should culminate in a life well-lived and a legacy of contribution. The journey must be intentional, focused, and principled. It requires great teaching and coaching. It requires accountability and guidance. Nothing significant in life comes for free or without effort, sacrifice, and teamwork.

Members of Prairie Hockey Academy are committed to success, on the ice, in the classroom, in community, and ultimately in life. We understand success is a process requiring both growth and failure. We don’t shy from that reality. We embrace it.

Prairie Hockey Academy is not for every young man or every family. We ask a lot of each member of our community. We have high expectations and we won't compromise. Our members appreciate the realized value in that commitment.

  • As a member of Prairie Hockey Academy you will be loved, respected, and challenged.

  • You will be given responsibility and trust.

  • You will be given the opportunity to make choices encouraging your growth and maturity.

  • You will be held accountable to your decisions and actions, not your words.

  • You will experience that every choice you make has consequences.

  • We will support your choices and encourage your growth.

We know hockey is positively life-changing. We want to grow young men who experience that to the core of their being.



Management and Coaches

Prairie Hockey Academy employs coaches and staff who are committed to modeling the values and characteristics that PHA strives to see in their players.  They understand how to win both on and off the ice and they are proud to share these skills with leaders of tomorrow.


The great competition of the CSSHL combined with the amount of, on and off ice practice and quality of staff and instructors is tremendous for the total development of the student-athletes.
— - Lorne Molleken.
A Heart’s First Approach to Leadership, Life Skills and Hockey Development.
— Justin Simpkins, President, Prairie Hockey Academy

Prairie Hockey Academy is a Proud Member of the CSSHL

Prairie Hockey Showcase Camps

These camps are a place to come to show off your skills and earn an invitiation to PHA. If you are interested in being invited to our showcase camps, fill out the "Become A Prospect" form below.


About Briercrest Christian Academy

Briercrest Christian Academy (BCA) has been an integral part of Briercrest College and Seminary for over 70 years. As an associate school within the Prairie South School Division, BCA is able to offer the best of public education with fully-accredited teachers and curriculum while also providing a private Christian school experience with pastoral staff and discipleship programs. Our heartbeat is to offer a Christ-centred, Bible-based, and ministry-focused education that prepares students to excel academically, relationally, spiritually, and professionally.

We believe in providing the highest level of education while ensuring our kids are ready for real-life. We invest and believe in them. We want them to be champions in life.
— Dr. Michael Pawelke, President, Briercrest College and Seminary


A Day in the Life of PHA

Here's what your typical day at Briercrest Christian Academy attending Prairie Hockey Academy looks like.